Fusion-io iodrive 2 mysql ve bios ayarları

MySQL 5.5 sunucusunda tavsiye edilen ayarlar şunlar :

Use direct IO and fsync to flush data and log files.
Percentage of dirty pages to keep in the pool
Keep at 60-80% of total system memory. Always monitor memory usage to make sure the system does not start to swap out pages.
Number of background write I/O threads
Number of background read I/O threads
Adaptively flush dirty pages.
Default and recommended value is 2
Reduce checkpoint activity by increasing log file size. This also increases recovery time, but fast storage like ioMemory handles this well.
Number of I/O operations
Set an unlimited number of threads. For CPU-bound workloads, it may make sense to limit this to 16.
Let the InnoDB purge operation run in a separate thread to reduce contention
BIOS tarafında ise benim yaptığım ayarlar aşağıda fakat siz kendi donanımınıza göre bu ayarlarla oynayabilirsiniz. Fusion IO sitesinde gerekli dökümanlar mevcut.

Hyperthreading – disabled or enabled – try both & test with your application.  Quite often disabling HT can help performance.
Intel Virtualization Technology – if you’re not virtualizing, disable this
VT-d – if you’re not virtualizing, disable this
Power Technology – disabled
Enhanced SpeedStep – disabled
Turbo Mode – disabled
P-STATE Coordination – if this option is still available, set to HW_ALL
Package C State limit – C0, this option should effectively disable C-states for the server
Fan Control – ideally I’d recommend that this was set to “Enhanced”.  The ideal scenario is that you’re maximizing CPU usage by your application – enabling your server to support a larger workload.  Turning the fans up will help cool that busy CPU and avoid any thermal throttling of the CPU.

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